Here I attempt to show how music theory informs music practice, and music practice informs music theory. What this means is that you can obtain guidance in your guitar playing from theory, it will improve your practice. Conversely, theory is useless if it is divorced from what musicians actually do. In that sense, theory must be kept up to date with current practice in the guitar world.

My own approach to this I have branded as Metafrets. I have written some dry and technical books on this, and they are available for download. See http://www.similkameendreams.com/node/26 (broken) and http://www.similkameendreams.com/node/30 (broken). My hope for this set of tutorials is that I can make the material more accessible to my readers, with shorter snippets of information.

Since this site also contained at one time a Wiki site, you could read in a very non-linear fashion. If you needed to explore what a term meant, you would often find a hyper-link taking you to a page giving more information on the term. I am looking into the possibility of doing that again, using different technology.