Session 1 Lessons

The first three lessons are available for download below. They cover Session 1, but were packaged as three lessons for use in a more advanced session.

Session 1 – Scales and Triads in C Major in Open Position
* Difficulty: Absolute Beginner
* Prerequisites: desire to learn
* Duration: 8 1-hour sessions typically
* Topics

  • Theory: Construction of a major scale and the nature of intervals, tuning guitar to standard tuning, scale and chord forms
  • Scales: C major scale in the open position
  • Chords: C major, D minor, E minor, F major, G major, A minor, B diminished chords in the open position. Also A major, E major, D major chords.
  • Keys: C major
  • Picking Techniques: simple strums in 3/ 4 and 4/ 4 time. Basic arpeggio. Simple melody.
  • Pieces: Three or four very simple three chord pieces from our common Canadian heritage.

Download Lesson 1 – Overview

Download Lesson 2 – Beginning Open Position C Major – Zone 1

Download Lesson 3 – Completing Open Position C Major – Zone 1