A study of the guitar fingerboard, using movable chord forms, major and minor scale patterns and their inter-relationships in standard tuning, for Major and Minor Keys.

What is the Metafrets System?

Metafrets is a system for explaining how the guitar fingerboard works for playing scales and chords using standard tuning. It starts with the observation that there are five essential scale patterns, and five essential open chord major chord forms. These forms are related in some fashion to the scale patterns. Both the scale patterns and chord forms can be moved up and down the fretboard. The chord forms can be associated with a particular key, and each chord within a key can be found in one of five zones. The Metafrets system is compatible with the CAGED system, but I arrived at the Metafrets system on my own, over the course of a number of months (longer in some ways, since I saw bits and pieces many years before). A week after inventing the EDCAG system, I discovered the CAGED system. I started long ago exploring the movability of C and G major chord shapes, but gave it up because of the technical difficulties. I went back to movable chord shapes after a study of scale patterns made me realize that there was actually a coherent system for movable scales, and then realizing it must apply somehow to chords as well. I developed the scale patterns first. I developed the spiral chord transformations next. I developed the EDCAG patterns next, then found CAGED and validated my work.