$25 per half-hour

$40 per hour

$256 per 8 hour session (8 or 16 days, depending on your and instructor’s availability)

A group discount will be available for small groups (2-4 persons). Each additional person over the first person will result in a discount of 10% per person

  1. 1 person – 0% discount
  2. 2 persons – 10% discount per person
  3. 3 persons – 20% discount per person
  4. 4 persons – 30% discount per person
  • Fees will be paid at the time of the first lesson, for the agreed upon class or session

Return Of Fees

  • Fees paid in advance will be pro-rated for the number of lessons taken if lessons can not be continued and a transferable credit issued.

Attendance Rewards

  • Students completing all classes in an 8 hour session will be given a credit of one lesson, that may be transferable to another person if desired

Recruitment Rewards

  • Students bringing in another student for a lesson or session will be compensated with a credit of one lesson, that may be transferable to another person if desired


  • Students are expected to work on practice exercises given to them.
  • Students who appear not to be doing any practice will be discouraged from attending more classes of subsequent sessions. This may be due to lack of time, competing priorities, or other reasons, but failure to practice will result in very limited progress.

Pre-Session Assessment

  • Goals And Objectives
  1. The student’s musical goals and objectives will be assessed prior to the start of lessons
  • Current Knowledge And Ability
  1. The student will be asked to outline his experience, knowledge, playing style, and general playing ability
  • Musical Tastes
  1. The student will be queried as to his general musical tastes
  • Program of Study
  1. A general program will be recommended based on goals, objectives, musical tastes, and current knowledge and ability
  2. The student will be discouraged from trying to learn material too difficult for his current level
  • Guarantee
  1. The instructor will not attempt to teach materials outside of his areas of competence
  2. The instructor will recommend other instructors if he feels that he is not the appropriate person to teach the student

Post-Session Assessment

  • Achievement Of Course Goals And Objectives
  1. At the end of a session, the student and the instructor will discuss how well the student has achieved his goals and objectives
  2. The student a instructor will discuss future directions for continuing practice and study