Major Areas

The Kawayan knife program is a comprehensive approach to knife defence, and it encompasses the following five areas:

  1. Self-defence Life Cycle and Dimensions of Self-defence
  2. Physical Knife Skills
  3. Universal Control and Dominance Theory
  4. Optimal Body Integration Strength System (OBISS)
  5. Teaching Approaches



The self-defence life cycle and dimensions of self-defence have been developed from numerous sources, including software development life cycles, risk management, and various other considerations gleaned from extensive reading and other research.

The physical knife skills part of this program was developed from the original Victoria Villasin Balintawak Eskrima program taught to me over a period of twenty six years by Dr. Dom Lopez. In addition, additional training methods developed from the student and instructor drills used in the stick have been adapted to the knife, with the approval of Dr. Lopez. Some of the warm-up drills have been adapted from warm-ups done by Dom Lopez.

The control theory is an extension and generalization of ideas developed by Dom Lopez, called the Five Pillars. In addition, various other sources of inspiration were used to expand the Five Pillars beyond the original form.

The optimal body integration strength system was developed after a study of Hunyan (Chen) Taijiquan Silk Reeling, and Chen Style Practical Method Taijiquan positive and negative circle. This material was modified through study into mechanics and bio-mechanics. The ideas were validated against the skills exhibited by Dom Lopez. They were developed into a practical teaching approach over many years. Keep in mind that these methods are for Balintawak Eskrima and do not match the methods used in Taijiquan.

The teaching approach area was developed through research into adult learning material, and practice in teaching over many years; it is a natural outgrowth of the art. Students are taught to teach early in the training. This program extends the depth of the teaching approach.