About Me

About Me


Autobiographical Notes on Michael Zimmer

Name and Address

Name: Gary Michael Zimmer
Born: November 5, 1946
Mailing Address:

G. Michael Zimmer
2407 Beach Drive,
Victoria, B.C., Canada
V8R 6K2

Phone: 250-598-3306
Email: mikezimmer-vma@islandnet.com



Retired Information Systems Analyst

Hobbyist Martial Arts Instructor since 1971
Occasional Guitar Teacher since early 1990s
Video Maker since 1990
Progressive Social Activist since early 1970s

Martial Arts History

Martial Arts Practitioner Since 1965
Training History (most recent first)

Chen Zhonghua – Chen Taijiquan Practical Method
Adam Zugec – Brazilian Ju Jitsu and mixed martial arts (studied for a bit, but very much a ‘newbie’)
Jamie Templeman – introductory grappling and mixed martial arts (very much a ‘newbie’)
Gord Muir – Chen Taijiquan (an ongoing, if not all consuming interest)
Gord Muir – boxing derived self-defence
Victor and Linda Devlin, Al and Brunetta Devlin, Paul and Lisa Curry – Shotokan Karate
Dom Lopez – Balintawak Eskrima (since 1985, senior instructor)
Shishir Inocalla – Arnis (introduction to the art)
Bill Hunter – Chito Ryu Karate
Linden Bateson – Shotokan Karate
Jean Yves Theriault – Full Contact Karate (introduction only)
Georges Sylvain – Can-Ryu Jiu Jitsu (only to orange belt level)
Richard Ostrofsky – Aikido (a few years, but little evidence of progress ever exhibited)
Andre Langelier – Chito Ryu Karate (graded to 1st kyu level, with years of practice afterwards)
Affiliated with the Victoria Balintawak Eskrima Society

Other Interests

Spending Time with the Family
Fine Dining
Flamenco and Improvisational
Folk Guitar
Canoeing and Hiking
Western Science and Philosophy
Video Making
Social Justice and Civil Liberties
Serious Reading
Human Evolution and Prehistory